The beating heart of the VIC MATIE' brand is the creativity; each pair of shoes, each bag are purposely born and developed as if they were many "unique pieces", which are then produced to let them take part in the women's everyday life. In VIC MATIE', the creative idea is based on the strong know how of Made in Italy, which the brand since its birth is faithful to, and on the background of the company Linea Marche, both representing the guarantee of the high quality standard. The mission of the brand does not only consist in creating nice products matching with the fashion trends, but also in designing objects, which are able to challenge time and be always fascinating and up- to-date.


Quick, energetic, a bundle of vision and determination, Silvia Curzi, class of 1977, is the Vic Matié art director. From Renato, her father, CEO of Linea Marche, she inherited persistency, from the plug generation, to which she belongs, freedom of invention. She puts to good use both qualities. A firm believer in the strength of Made in Italy, well aware that the feminine universe, today, evolves quickly, Silvia brought a new point of view, both resolute and contemporary, into the enterprise: an unexpected twist based on the inherently classic idea that beautiful objects are timeless, and that they are made to highlight the personality of the wearer. Curious and attentive, she is a woman of today, who creates for the women of today. With Silvia, Linea Marche somehow closes the circle, only to open up to new, dynamic perspectives.